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Vision Source is a network of more than 6,000 independent optometrists across the country operating in 2,500 convenient locations. By becoming a member of this nationwide network, your Vision Source doctor has pledged to maintain the highest standards of patient care and meet all your visual needs with the best products and technology available. They are able to accomplish this mission by focusing on the following areas:  


A personal touch is important to all Vision Source optometrists. He or she is not just examining your eyes, but connecting with and getting to know you. This ensures they will make the right decisions about your eye health and visual needs. Feeling that personal touch is part of the outstanding service you will experience at any Vision Source office, from the staff members as well as doctors.

Value is a benefit that Vision Source doctors receive from being a part of a large nationwide organization. Many manufacturers of eyeglasses lenses, eyeglass frames, and contact lenses offer discounts on many of their products to the Vision Source network, and those savings are passed along to you the patient.  Additionally, manufacturers of diagnostic medical equipment often look to Vision Source doctors to introduce the latest advances in technology. This is crucial in your optometrist’s ability to diagnose, treat, and effectively manage most eye diseases and conditions.

Confidence is something you can feel when going to see your local Vision Source optometrist.  “In addition to serving their patients, our member doctors also serve as professors and lecturers; as officers of local, state and national professional associations and as research associates for clinical trials of new products and treatments”.  Vision Source doctors also feel that it is important to give back to the communities they serve and even the communities far from home.


With over 2,500 locations nationwide, you can always locate a Vision Source doctor close to your home or business.  And if you are out of town and need to see an eye doctor, your optometrist can recommend another Vision Source office so you can receive the same quality eye care you have received at home.

Visit www.visionsource.com to learn more or to find a doctor near you!