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ZEISS i.Profiler

ZEISS Dispensing Tools and Instruments can result in unique lenses that make a difference in the way your patients see the world, while also helping you differentiate your practice. ZEISS Dispensing Tools and Instruments make it easy to give your patients their best vision.

Examination and Refraction

Innovative, functional, and proven to boost practice efficiency and patient satisfaction, i.Scription® by ZEISS (Patent) offers possibilities for improvement in every level of your practice. Discover how i.Profilerplus® (Patent) and i.Scription technology can provide an optimized prescription, resulting in improved color, contrast and night vision — and higher levels of patient satisfaction with your services.

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Lens fitting and Consultation

The key to effective precision eyeglass lenses is the exact determination of all centration measurements and a tailored approach that fits the patient’s personalized needs. The i.Terminal® 2 by ZEISS allows you to perform all fitting measurements in a fast, simple, and precise way — enabling you to provide a premium patient experience. Demonstrate lens choice options with the included i.Demo™ software for impressive patient consultation.

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Service & Support

ZEISS has been a leader in precision optics for over 160 years and is dedicated to integrating processes that make the entire exam and consultation process simpler, faster, and more efficient. With comprehensive services, warranties, and professional training included in all partner agreements, ZEISS creates business solutions that complement every practice.

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