Who knew contact lenses could feel this good?

Your eyes will feel better

Say goodbye to tired, sore eyes. EasyFit is reinventing contact lenses for all-day comfort. Each lens has a revolutionary coating called Hydra-PEG. It retains moisture longer, providing more lubrication for your eyes throughout the day.

“Now I can comfortably wear my contacts 18-hours a day”. Maureen  

You’ll see better

High definition vision

These high-definition, high-contrast lenses provide superior optics than other contact lenses, giving you sharp, clear vision day and night.


More UV protection

UV protected contact lenses

EasyFit lenses are larger and block out more of the sun’s UV rays with both UVA and UVB protection.  



Increased oxygen

contacts with increased oxygen absorption

Healthy eyes need oxygen and EasyFit allows 2X more oxygen absorption than typical soft lenses.

The difference is clear. Large lenses offer clarity, consistency and comfort including, UV Protection. Change your visual reality at work, leisure and sports.