Cirrus Certainty in Seconds

Using the very latest Carl Zeiss Meditec equipment we can offer you advanced 3 dimensional retinal imaging allowing early detection of any changes to your retinal structure like you have never seen before! The Cirrus HD-OCT can help detect and monitor macula changes, glaucoma, papilloedema adnd diabetic changes to mention just a few of its many capabilities. The Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT is only a small part of our cutting edge Carl Zeiss Meditec diagnostic suite. We are among the best equipped UK's Opticians featuring Scotland's only Zeiss GDx VCC for advanced Glaucoma analysis and we are the only Optician in Scotland to offer Zeiss i.Scription precision lenses giving improved vision at night and even in low light. Carl Zeiss are recognised as the Hospital Gold standard in Ophthalmology and this is why we have completed our diagnostic suite with the latest:: Zeiss Visucam 200 retinal camera featuring NEW macula pigment density analysis, two Zeiss Humphrey's Visual field analysers, Zeiss Relaxed Vision Terminal for accurate varifocal settings.