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BluTech help protect eyes from digital devices

Ideal for anyone, BluTech Lenses provide protection from UV rays and  harmful high-energy blue light without altering or distorting color perception. No other lens can support that claim. The most technologically advanced lenses on the market, they’re durable, comfortable, and safe.

Indoor Lenses:

Give your eyes the relaxation they deserve- BluTech indoor lenses provide protection from sources of harmful high-energy blue light, such as harsh fluorescent lighting, computer screens, and personal electronics, while also giving you soothing vision. BluTech Lenses fit your lifestyle and any style frame. Ease the strain on your eyes and see well into the future.

Outdoor Lenses:

Have your moment in the sun, but be sure to protect yourself from the damaging effects of UV rays and high-energy blue light.  Wear BluTech outdoor lenses and experience the ultimate in visual performance and protection. See everything in high-definition – improved visual acuity, better color perception, reduced glare, and a unique lens technology gives you the outdoor protection you need and the durability to last a lifetime.