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2nd installment of UECP video communication portal

We thank you for watching this next installment of UECP’s video communication portal. This edition will touch on:

  • ICD-10 details and class that doctors will need to know
  • Introduce you to a new member of UECP team, Maureen
  • How to update your information so we can reach you quickly and easily
  • Bring you up to speed on our Healthcare team’s accomplishments

First off, two updates to our ICD 10 integration. We have links for ICD 10 webinars for your review, and we will have our live, interactive class, free to UECP members on Weds Sept 30th, in the lecture hall at Elmhurst college. Details will come soon, but mark your calenders to make sure you are out of the office for us to begin around 6-6:30 pm. The webinars will help you prepare yourself and your office; the class will allow us to solidify our understanding of the code system, work through concerns, and build on efficiencies to help reduce rejections and claim delays that can affect our cash flow. Again, these webinars and this class are both at No Charge to UECP members.

Next, please help me welcome Maureen Lynch-Gabb to our team. Maureen has years of business experience. With a background and 39 years of experience in education and business management, Maureen comes to us from the financial industry with experience in many areas: training, staff development, compliance, audit, acquisition reorganization, business security, and business growth networking. She will assist me with plans I have outlined that will allow us to work more efficiently and profitably as we continue to secure our place in the constant changing world of optometry.

Thank you Rick.. it is a pleasure to join your team, and I look forward to meeting each of you over the next few months. My initial goal is to update our data base, preparing for the need to reach out to you quickly regarding updates and industry changes that require your input or acknowledgement. To help that, I am asking you to fill out this short form that is attached to this email. Although we have of your email addresses, many are sent directly to your general office, and may not get forwarded to you, or may have information that is not appropriate for staff. I would appreciate your assistance in quickly filling out this update form, so I can merge it into your file, and have a more efficient way to direct sensitive information to you.

Thanks Maureen. Adding to that, we had a meeting with Northwestern Health/Cadence Health, and it went GREAT! We have found that there is information that needs to get to our members, and not necessarily the office staff, so to have the direct contact info will allow you to stay in the loop regarding our medical panel meetings, and the steps we are taking to become part of those networks.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this, filling out this requested form. We look forward to seeing you on September 30th for our FREE ICD 10 class. Please take the time to watch the webinar…… I realize part of the audio is not in sync, they are working on that, but it is a nice set up for our interactive class at Elmhurst College. You will get an invite to that to respond to shortly.

Also, please block out your patient schedule for Weds November 4, in Glen Ellyn for our annual UECP/Essilor Meeting. We will have CE, CPR, and a new interactive area for you to touch, feel, and interact with our new technologies.

A special thank you to EyeMotion and Eye IQ for helping us get this message to you.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!