Polarized Lenses

Looking for the perfect sunglasses? If you drive or spend time outdoors, polarized lenses can give you clearer vision by enhancing contrast and eliminating glare.

Glare is caused when light bounces off of smooth surface.

Problems from glare range from annoyance to eye strain to temporary blindness.

Light vibrates along all axis, but when light strikes a reflecing object, such as water or a windshield, a high percent of light waves bounce off in similar horizontal angles.

Polarized lenses contain microscopic vertical lines that effectively cancel out the horizontal waves, thereby reducing glare.

Select a pair of polarized glasses from the display rack. Find a bright glare on the floor or tabletop. Next look at the glare through the glasses, the glare is gone. Rotate the fglasses whilel ooking at the same spot, the glare is gone. Now rotate back. You can clearely see the difference.

By reducing glare, polarized sunglasses will prevent strong light from damaging your eyes, reduce eyestrain, and and improve the way you percieve colors and contrast.