Politics and the Peoples’ Vision
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Politics and the Peoples’ Vision

Recent changes to America’s healthcare delivery system have a direct impact on your eyes. The ACA (Affordable Care Act) otherwise known as ObamaCare, has vision care for pediatric patients up to age 21 included in it. The ACA covers an annual eye exam and materials, and the out of pocket cost for glasses depends on which plan you sign up for: Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

Because good vision is so vital for job performance and learning, the Federal Government realized that catching eye problems early in children was a key component to successful outcomes when they reach adulthood. For patients that are eligible, most State Medicaid plans also cover examination and materials for children up to age 18. For patients 65 and older, Medicare covers medically necessary eye examinations.

Our founding fathers took an interest in good vision from the beginning. Just look at what Ben Franklin invented: the bifocal lens so that people over 40 could have their distance and near vision combined into one pair of glasses. Just as Ben Franklin was not short sighted when it came to inventing items to help the peoples’ vision, so was the Federal Government when they included vision examination for children in the ACA and Medicaid, and eye care for aging populations in Medicare services.

Being aware of what vision services you are eligible for will help ensure preventative care to be incorporated into your wellness routine.

For more information on these programs visit:

For ACA information www.healthcare.gov

For Medicare information www.medicare.gov

For Medicaid www.medicaid.gov/


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