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VISIONLIVE “EasyFit Takes Industry By Surprise”

AccuLens’ EasyFit Lifestyle Lens for Heathy eyes takes Eye Care Professionals by surprise!

Fresh from the buzz of Global Specialty Lens Symposium in Las Vegas last weekend, all practitioners are now hearing how they too can get involved with a specialty lens, the EasyFit. These very profitable products have amazing results for many unsatisfied soft lens patients looking for sharp and comfortable vision. The unique tear reservoir and stable lens design is why its different and works so well. The EasyFit Lifestyle Lens is recommended as the Gas Permeable option for dissatisfied soft contact lens wearers including astigmatic, active lifestyle, high refractive error, and dry eye patient. The GSLS buzz included the simple, turnkey approach to successful fitting as well as the new and ground breaking customized & branded marketing program available by AccuLens to help create patient awareness and interest in practitioner's practices.