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Tips from Bill - Limbal Coverage

Tips from Bill - Limbal Coverage

Limbal coverage- It is important to provide sufficient oxygen transmission over this very sensitive area. Protection of the stem cells located in this area as well as a successful transition to the landing zone on the conjunctiva is very important.  Larger corneas will require larger diameter lenses and conversly, patients with smaller corneas, will need smaller lens diameters.  Using wide colbot blue filter no touch on the limbus or 360 degree bearing shoud be present. Next, with white light (optic section) less than 50 microns of clearance may identified and is satisfactory.  OCT scans will precisily confirm clearance at the limbal level or if one is not available, evaluating this area at follow up visits looking for ring staining or compression can support a proper fit when a change needs to be made for more adequate coverage.  Any Maxim or EasyFit Scleral lens fitting with insufficient limbal clearance will be modified slightly with a larger diameter (.2mm or .3mm)  The slightly larger lens will help vault the limbal area.

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