Shamir Autograph InTouch

Shamir Autograph InTouch™

Vision for the Digital Age

Lens characteristics: • Multi-purpose lens with advanced optical design and unique power profile • Significantly improved visual clarity in the 40cm-70cm viewing range • Designed for easy transition between zones and all over viewing comfort • Minimum fitting height: 15mm, 18mm

Uses: • All-purpose optimal viewing comfort at every range and for every activity • Provides particular viewing comfort for handheld digital devices • Suitable for a wide range of frame shapes, sizes and styles

Advantages: • Unique power profile optimized to wearer’s head-eye-hand position during use of handheld digital devices • Extra viewing comfort with quick appearance and up to 25% more addition power in the 40cm-70cm viewing range, up to 22% broader reading area, and up to 21% wider intermediate area • Extra soft lens design for easy transition between viewing zones, and uncompromised acuity at all viewing ranges