Eye Doctor Mckinney, TX
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Eye Doctor Mckinney, TX

Is McKinney TX ready for some football? Blink Eyecare and Dr. Gaddis have just been named the official eye doctor for the Texas Revolution football team. Having a eye doctor is very important in sports due to more than 40,000 eye injuries occur each year from sports related activities and more than 90% of these injuries are prevented.

The most common sports injuries are blunt trauma and penetrating injuries. Blunt trauma occurs when something hits your eye and can cause a orbital fracture, a ruptured globe, and a retinal detachment. Penetrating injuries occur when something cuts into the eye. If at anytime you or someone in your family experiences a sports injury you need to contact your eye doctor for a thorough eye exam.

Seeing a eye doctor before you start playing sports is important for preventing injuries. If you need a glasses prescription only a 3-mm polycarbonate lens should be used in sports eye wear. At Blink Eyecare we carry Bolle sports goggles and combine them with a safe impact resistant lens for ultimate eye protection while playing sports. Daily contact lenses are also a option in sports vision because the technology is very light, offers UV protection and is discarded right after the sport so this decreases your chance for a eye infection. Your eye doctor can help you choose the best eye protection for your specific sport.

If you are in need of a eye doctor for your athlete in Mckinney TX call us today at 214-865-6266. We look forward to caring for your eyes here at Blink Eyecare and go Texas Revolutions.