Child Comprehensive Eye Exam McKinney TX

In our office in Mckinney TX, one of the most common questions I get is, at what age should my children or I have a comprehensive eye exam? According to the American Optometric Association (AOA) a child should have a comprehensive eye exam by the age of 6 months, another at the age of three and again before he or she starts school. In our office we start seeing children the ages of four and up and highly recommend a comprehensive eye exam before school starts.

Experts say that that more than 80 percent of information children receive in classrooms is presented visually. In most states children are required to have a comprehensive eye exam before school starts by a eye care professional. In Texas unfortunately a basic vision screening is all that is required.

Unlike a basic vision screening a comprehensive eye exam can take more than a hour depending on different tests and dilation procedures required to fully evaluate the vision and health of your eyes. A number of test will be performed including but not limited to visual acuity, color vision, eye alignment, depth perception, eye pressure, refraction, and heath test of the front and back part of the eye.

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